Using Themes 2.0?

Follow this guide instead.

Follow these steps to install the app in your store:

(1) Click on “Enable”.

For most themes - that will do!

Badges won't show?

Follow the next steps.

(1) Make sure your "Add to product pages" checkbox is Off

Then - watch this how to video.

OR continue with the steps below.

(2) Copy the tag (<div class="ultimate-badges"></div>)

(3) Open your template file (click the template file link)

(4) Navigate to the theme coding and look for the product page. In this example, the page is called "product-template.liquid" located under "sections".

(!) Can't find "product-template.liquid" file? look for product-form.liquid file instead.

(!!) Using Dawn theme or any other Themes 2.0 theme? locate the "main-product.liquid" file.

(5) Paste the <div> in the file, below the {% endform %} line.

(!) Same goes for the product-form.liquid file or the main-product.liquid if you used it in the previous step.

(6) Click "Save"

That's it - head over to your storefront and test.

Still having trouble? we would be happy to help > Get help here