1. Open "Funnels" tab.

2. Hover above the funnel you want to trigger.

3. Copy the ID.

Option 1:

Triggering the funnel on any page in your Shopify store

Option A - by using URL

Use the following URL to open the funnel on your store:


* YOUR_STORE_NAME - find it in your shopify URL.

* Add /?cb_campaign to the end of the URL.

* Use the Inumber you copied in step 3.

The link might look something like this:


Option B - by using Javascript

In your theme.liquid file, inside the <head> section add the following parameter:

window.customHoneycombCampaignId = [ID] //replace this with your campaign ID

Want to show a funnel on specific pages? use this code instead:

var enabledPages = [
if(enabledPages.some(page=>{return window.location.pathname.includes(page)})){
window.customHoneycombCampaignId = "FUNNEL_ID";


Where page PAGE_URL might look like this: /privacy-policy

Option 2:

Triggering the funnel on any webpage (outside of Shopify)

See an example here


Watch the step by step video

Add the following script in the head tag of the webpage:

<script type="text/javascript" async="" src="https://upsell.conversionbear.com/script?app=upsell&shop=YOUR_STORE_NAME.myshopify.com"></script>

window.customHoneycombCampaignId = 'YOUR_CAMPAIGN_ID'

* YOUR_STORE_NAME - find it in your shopify URL.

* Use the YOUR_CAMPAIGN_ID number you copied in step 3.

The above code will make the funnel display as the page loads. 

You can also trigger a funnel at any other time in your page using the following script:

<script type="text/javascript" async="" src="https://upsell.conversionbear.com/script?app=upsell&shop=YOUR_STORE_NAME"></script>
window.honeycombDisplayed = false;
$(document).on('scroll', function() {
    var y_scroll_pos = window.pageYOffset;
    var scroll_pos_test = 650;  // set to whatever you want it to be
    if((y_scroll_pos > scroll_pos_test) && !window.honeycombDisplayed) {
        conversionBearUpsell.show(null,{isBlog: true});
        window.honeycombDisplayed = true;
window.cbUpsellCustomDesignSettingsOverride = {
minimized_view: { start_minimized: true },
window.cbUpsellHideWidgetOnClose = true;

The code above will make a blog funnel show after the visitor scrolled down more than 650 pixels. You can use this blueprint to create delightful shopping experiences in your store

That's it! 

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