In some cases merchants with a specific 'Debut' theme version will view a broken price formatting in their cart page total sum after enabling the app. 

It might look similar to this:

Want to revert back to your old state and remove the app?

Follow these steps to uninstall.

Want to keep the app and fix this issue?

1. Open your theme code editor:

2. Open theme.js file and look for "cartSubtotal":

3. Change 'innerText' / 'textContent' with innerHTML:

(*) You might have 'textContent' or any other phrase as in the screenshot below.

It does not matter. Switch it to innerHTML at any case.

Expected result:

Hit save. 

4. Do the same for the discounts!

Search for the discount section and apply the same logic.

Now, view your cart page and update the cart. 

The issue should be resolved.

Quick note:

In most cases this issue can be resolved by updating Debut to the latest version. Follow the instructions in this article to update your theme.

Important Note: when updating your theme it would remove any code that is not theme related (apps, custom code, etc)

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