Follow these steps to test the app in your store:

1) Make sure you have marked the compliance step as complete.

2) You have at least 1 active automation.

(AND the "start date" in not set to a future date)

3) Head over to your store.

4) Add a product that is included in your automation triggers list.

(If you selected "all", you can add any product)

5) Go to checkout.

6) Mark the marketing checkbox:

7) Add a phone number in the top or bottom input fields.

- Only use US / CA / IL mobile numbers.

- Use a phone number you have not used before (meaning, you are not registered as a customer already. If you are - delete yourself from your customers list).

8) Click next.

9) Close the window (abandon the cart)/

Now wait for your message to arrive.

Message did not arrive?

Check that the timeframe you defined for the first message makes sense.

Still did not arrive?

Shoot us an email and we will take a closer look.