1. Make sure your home page shows a product form.

That means, it shows a product with an add to cart button, quantity controllers etc.

In addition, make sure it shows only a single product form.

In case of multiple product forms, that will lead to a conflict.

Next up - you will need to manually add the app inside your product pages + home page featured product.

2. Make sure your "Automated placement" checkbox is OFF

3. Copy the tag (<div class="cb-bundles"></div>)

4. Open your template file (Shopify admin > Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit code)

5. Navigate to the theme coding and look for the featured product file.

In this example, the page is called "featured-product.liquid" located under "sections".

(!) Can't find "product-template.liquid" file? look for product-form.liquid file instead.

6. Paste the <div> in the file, below the {% endform %} line.

(!) Same goes for the product-form.liquid file if you used it in the previous step.

7. Click "Save"

8. Go to your store and test the app.

That's it!

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